Julie Len | Project Aetheryte | Work in Progress
3d artist, digital media artist, coffee courses through these veins.
3d, 3d artist, 3d modeling, 3d printing, graphic designer, shapeways, art, character design
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Project Aetheryte | Work in Progress

About This Project

Created Using: Autodesk Maya, Pixologic Zbrush, Kevin Walker’s Hands, Soul, and Sanity

This project was a joint project between myself and Cobheran Cosplay (Kevin Walker). We both play Final Fantasy XIV and he had an amazing idea to turn the teleport crystals into lamps. There are extractions of in game models out there on the internet, but to both of our disappointment, all aetheryte models are in .mtl format, and without the proper tools are unable to be extracted. We decided to build the dream from scratch.

Armed with Maya 2016 I began to build the main crystal in Autodesk Maya, which I then took into ZBrush to refine the details. Some of the obstacles we had to overcome was Kevin’s crappy work computer that was unable to handle my nearly 1 million poly model. The model had to be brought back down to 60K in polys in order for Kevin to fit it into his program and 3d printer. He was able to cut it into two pieces for a successful print. He then gave it an acetone gas, which smooths out the abs plastic into a slick uniform model. From here, Kevin set to work on resin crafting, a process of resin dying, creating resin shards to later go into the mold created from the 3d print.

During this time I set to work on the base, the bottom which would serve as the housing and the lighting for the motor that Kevin purchased. This model actually taught me a couple of things I did not know about ZBrush. For instance, when importing from Maya to Zbrush as an OBJ file, if the model isn’t connected entirely, Zbrush creates poly groups for the separate pieces on their own respective layers. This was a huge saving grace for both of us, as we were able to retain the hard edges on some of the refinement we wanted. I set to work on the base, carving out the designs and smoothing the hard edges from the obj file.

Additional updates pending.

3D Modeling, 3D Printing