Julie Len | Sanguine Prophecy Logo
3d artist, digital media artist, coffee courses through these veins.
3d, 3d artist, 3d modeling, 3d printing, graphic designer, shapeways, art, character design
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Sanguine Prophecy Logo

Graphic Design, Logo
adobe illustrator, freelance, guild, illustrator, Logo
About This Project

Created Using: Adobe Illustrator

Sanguine Prophecy is a guild in the popular online game, World of Warcraft. The customer was among my first freelance clients, introduced to me by a close friend. The emblem logo I wanted to be simple, yet represent the two words in such a neat way that would harness what WoW is about, online fighting. There were various sketches involved in the process, until I finally came up with a sort of blade design that looks like an S shape. You can see the S and P in the blades. The logo can be found in use here: Sanguine Prophecy