Julie Len | Stardust
3d artist, digital media artist, coffee courses through these veins.
3d, 3d artist, 3d modeling, 3d printing, graphic designer, shapeways, art, character design
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About This Project

Created Using: Adobe Photoshop, Pixologic Zbrush

I’ve had this on the brain for a while now and I was finally able to sit down today for 2-3 hours and knock it out. I really love space, it is, for the most part, unexplored territory, mysterious and unknown. This concept came to mind over a dream I had one night about a woman with a belly full of stars. After I woke up I began to daydream about it, imagining, what if it’s symbolism? The hourglass came from the imagination as well, in a realm where time seems to be infinite and we have short lifespans. When all is said and done, are we just stardust?

Graphic Design